Customer Responsibility

You, the customer, are responsible for all leaks, breaks, or other problems starting from the meter to your home. If you have any questions about responsibility, please call the office. Adjustments are given only if, there is a defect in the meter, a leak on the District’s side, the meter was misread, or under the leak adjustment policy.

* Leak Adjustments

Leak adjustments are done at the end of every month once the bill has gone back down to normal. During the lifetime of your water service line, only two leak adjustments will be permitted. Each of these adjustments may cover maximum of two billing periods.

Before a third adjustment can be considered, the entire water service line from the meter box to the house or structure must be replaced and that you must submit evidence of this fact before the third adjustment is given. Leaks may be set up on a payment plan if necessary. With a leak you pay your normal bill and half of the leak and we pay the other half of the leak.

* Meter Testing

If for some reason you feel your meter is not working properly you may request that your meter be tested. Kentucky Public Service Commission (PSC) regulation 807 KAR 5:0006, Section 20 states that a customer’s request to test a meter must be made in writing. Such request may be made once in a twelve month period. You have the opportunity to be present at such test if you desire. If your meter test is good then there will be a $15.00 charge. If you are unhappy with the meter test done by the District you may make written application to the PSC to have your meter tested by them. For more information please contact the office at 606-723-3795.

* Locating Water Lines

If you, or someone appointed by you, are planning to dig anywhere on your property, by law you must notify the proper authorities at least 48 hours before work is to commence. This precaution will help protect against possible damage to underground utilities. Please contact our office at 606-723-3795.

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